Wedding Party


Matron of Honor

Caitlin and Alex have known each other since elementary school but their forever friendship started in 7th grade. Alex and Caitlin have been through every up and down life has thrown at them, together. Caitlin is Alex's strong-willed, selfless, caring, and hilarious friend who she reaches out to for anything and everything. Alex can always count on Caitlin to make her laugh and to do weird, crazy things with (or without) her.


Matron of Honor

Eliza and Alex have been the closest of friends since they met at Lake Placid Soccer Camp at the age of 7 years old. Eliza has always been Alex's strong-minded, motherly, and sane friend who is her go-to for honest advice and making unforgettable, authentic memories. Although Eliza is the level-headed and responsible friend of the group, they always bring out the weirdness in each other every time they are reunited.



Alex has Eliza to thank for she and Jess becoming such great friends. Their friendship started in middle school during the days going to Exit youth group. Ever since then, Jess has been Alex's supportive, cuddle-loving, honest, safe haven friend. Jess's house was like a second home to Alex growing up and Jess has always been there for Alex with a listening ear, cuddles, movies, and ice cream. Jess is also a wonderfully talented cosmetologist who will help to make Alex look like a princess on her wedding day!



Amanda and Alex also became close friends in middle school and have stayed that way despite distance and infrequent visits. Amanda is incredibly intelligent, independent, feministic, and goofy. Alex depends on her for enlightenment about world happenings and everything trendy. Most of their memories consist of doing embarrassing things and staying up until all hours of the night talking and laughing.



Tara and Alex met during their lacrosse overnight visit at Nazareth College and little did they know, they would be inseparable for all four years of college. Tara is Alex's free-spirit, world traveling, fun-loving, and "always there when you need her" friend. Alex can always depend on Tara to go on crazy adventures with her, get lost with her (not on purpose), and lend a listening ear when she needs it.



Kelsey and Alex met at the Nazareth lacrosse welcoming picnic as freshmen in college. She since then has become Alex's partner in crime (we won't talk about how that name came to be). Kels is fun-loving, honest, intelligent, and confident. Alex can trust Kels to always speak her mind, give Alex honest advice, and she is always up for any fun activity that comes their way.


Best Man

Phil is James' stepdad and has been one of the biggest influences on James' life since his freshman year of high school. Phil has endured countless cold, rainy, rugby games, graduations, Jeeps in swamps, and painful Sundays watching the Bills to be one of the people James trusts most in this world.



Tim is James' oldest brother and corrupter. Since they were little, Tim has always found a way to get James into trouble by dyeing his hair blue, letting him use his motorcycle, or getting him into rugby in high school.



Jon is James' middle brother and confidant. Through thick and thin Jon has been there for James and has always been a sounding board for James' problems. Jon and James did everything together from playing rugby, to going to Nazareth, to living together in a house on Girard Street.



Lane is Alex's brother and has been one of James' closest friends since Alex and James started dating. Lane and James' bond formed on the sideline of one of Alex’s lacrosse games and only grew over the years with countless garbage plates and awful beer choices.



Josh is one of James’ best friends - Josh and James first met in high school when they played rugby together, and they continued their friendship while working for various retail stores throughout college and when they played rugby for the Aardvarks.



Nick is one of James’ oldest friends dating back to when they met at Jefferson Avenue Elementary school. Nick and James continued to be close while playing rugby throughout high school together, as well as when they played for the Aardvarks.
Alethea and Ruth