Alexandra and James

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How We Got Here

James and Alex met in August 2010. It was Alex's first weekend as a freshman at Nazareth College and James was starting his junior year. Alex went out with her lacrosse team, and on the walk home from downtown Rochester, Alex was stopped by a strange voice asking, "Don't I know you?" Alex replied that it was her first weekend in Rochester, so probably not. After a minute or so of small talk, he said he would see her around and started walking away. Alex then noticed James, who had been standing there with the guy (who turned out to be James' roommate) the whole time, but not saying anything. After James' roommate walked away, Alex quickly realized that her team had left and she had no idea where she was, as usual. Alex trusted that James wasn't a creep, and asked for help getting back to the girls lacrosse house on Harvard Street. James graciously walked Alex back to the girls lacrosse house, exchanging small talk and laughing about Alex getting lost. The next day James looked Alex up on Facebook and sent her a friend request, which started the first conversation of many.

From that day on, Alex and James talked about anything and everything almost all day, every day, but always as friends. After a year and a half of getting to know each other, James asked Alex to be his girlfriend while she was on a trip to Florida for lacrosse, to which she replied "I'm not doing this over texting". The night Alex and her teammates returned to Rochester, James met the team bus at the stadium and surprised Alex with roses to ask her out. Alex and James began dating that night, March 16th, 2012.

James and Alex have spent the past 5+ years adventuring, hiking, skiing, traveling, spending time with family, and learning everything there is to know about each other. In August of 2016, James and Alex decided to add to their little family by rescuing an Australian Cattle dog named Duke. Shortly after adopting Duke, James received a ring from his stepdad, and best man, Phil which had been passed down for generations. A few days later James gave Alex the ring and told her that he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. James wanted Alex to have her dream ring but needed time to save money for one.

James and Alex spent Christmas in Lake Placid with Alex's dad and brother. As they were packing up to leave for Lake George to visit Alex's mom, James knew this was his opportunity to ask Alex's dad, Larry, for permission to marry her. While Alex was still packing, James went downstairs and asked Larry to talk for a minute. Luckily for James, Larry had been waiting for this moment for quite some time and quickly took over the conversation out of excitement. He, of course, gave James his blessing. When Alex's mom, Liz, found out about James asking for permission, she brought out a beautiful diamond ring that was passed down from Alex's great, great grandmother. This diamond would later become the center of Alex's engagement ring.

In late February of the new year, James and Alex took a mini getaway vacation to Stowe, Vermont. James proposed their first full day in Stowe, on February 22, 2017. James and Alex spent the day exploring the village of Stowe, shopping around, visiting the historic Von Trapp lodge and brewery, and taking a tour of the Ben and Jerry's factory. James then suggested they go skating at Stowe Mountain Resort's outdoor rink before their dinner reservations later that night. The outdoor rink was small and lit up with beautiful string lights over the ice. After some time skating around, James told Alex they should ask someone to take a picture. Alex thought that was suspicious since James never wants to take pictures but she went along with it and asked a woman nearby to take a picture. Alex and James got in position and just as the woman was about to take the picture, James said, "hold on, I need to tie my skate." Alex looked at James with an annoyed expression and asked, "Why do you need to do that right now??" She looked to the woman to apologize and when she looked back at James, he was down on one knee and holding out a ring more beautiful than Alex ever imagined it would be. James smiled and asked the famous question, "will you marry me?" Alex, of course, said yes and they spent the remainder of the night calling family and friends and celebrating with an amazing dinner. The next day, they continued to celebrate with an entire day of skiing at Stowe Mountain and another great dinner in the village. It was a perfect weekend and an even better start to their wedding planning journey.

James and Alex are so thankful that you are part of our lives and will be part of one of the best memories they will make together. They want to thank you for all that you do and are looking forward to celebrating with you!

Alethea and Ruth